At confirmed consent we recently announced our partnership with Genus, and we couldn’t be more excited for what this will bring! Genus is a Patient Relationship Management Platform that empowers patients to engage with their own healthcare journey while saving time for physicians and revenue for healthcare providers. The Genus platform supports patients throughout the treatment process from the comfort of their homes, and guides them from the initial consultation all the way to the outcome. Genus allows clinics to focus on establishing a strong patient relationship, while repetitive and redundant administrative tasks are automated. We strongly support their mission to improve the quality of healthcare for each and every patient, and believe that our status as partners will really help to elevate the experience for patients and providers using our platforms. 

As we discussed there are numerous benefits for both patients and providers between using our platform as well as the Genus platform, and the benefit only increases as they are used in conjunction. 

Genus allows for the patient to be able to manage their health records with greater ease and a lower stress level. Their platform also lets the individual search, locate, and contact health care services, facilities and professionals, making the process of engaging with health care much easier right from the beginning! Their online platform lets you communicate, consult and interact with providers in real time without needing to be there physically or spend time going back and forth. Now more than ever being able to do this from the comfort of your own home is essential! The ability to manage medications as prescribed by the provider, track inventory and get detailed information about medication interaction, instructions and side effects gives a peace of mind from the patient’s perspective. This can be very overwhelming and knowing you have this ability is a fantastic feature for the patient. 

Likewise, with Confirmed Consent, the patient has numerous advantages that can all be realized via our online platform from home, with more care and detail. We are focused on the perioperative experience and target the consent process and relevant patient education. What the Confirmed Consent platform ensures is that the patient views standardized information from their specific surgeon describing the procedure in detail, and has the ability to decline the procedure or ask questions about the information presented. The key here is that following this, the patient is assessed on the consenting information to confirm that they do in fact understand the important specifics of the procedure and side effects. All our information is streamlined, much like Genus, and the patient can revisit and review the materials at any time. Our platform also creates the best experience for the patient, with our patient satisfaction rating using our platform above 97 percent!

For physicians using Genus, they can ultimately improve outcomes, and can track patient progress to the organization performance on a real time basis. The data gained and synthesized using this platform for one’s practice is very useful in tracking performance measures and allowing them to be the best they can be. In addition Genus’ platform can create and generate reports across all patient and provider data, tracking any changes, manage disease specific requirements, and apply customized workflows that help reduce readmission. Again, the need and benefit of reducing readmission is at an all-time high now and lowers risk for everyone a great deal.

With Confirmed Consent, providers that utilize this platform have an opportunity to leverage their resources so that they can redistribute to the practice in productive and essential ways. On average the clinician spends 15 minutes counseling/documenting a patient for consent, if Confirmed Consent’s platform is used instead this time is given back to the clinician. For clinicians doing 20 procedures/month we can get them 100k ROI in terms of what they can do with the ability to focus their energy on other aspects. This saves time, resources, and decreases the risk of malpractice litigation. There is only a 0.0006% malpractice claim rate using our platform showing that not only does this make things easier for the provider but also results in better outcomes and understanding for the patients. We can also integrate into 32 EHR platforms, and provide our entire service in Spanish as well, making it extremely easy to implement and use.

We truly believe that with our partnership, and utilizing our platforms together, the advantage of each one individually rises and allows a practice to tap into the benefit of remote healthcare and monitoring, that both the world and the industry are moving towards. Being able to integrate these platforms sooner rather than later only creates a chance to reap more of the benefit for your practice and your patients! 

As always, feel free to email us with questions at and check out our website to request a demo at Stay tuned for our next blog post!